Toward Darkness Brent Dedeaux


Published: July 2nd 2012



Toward Darkness  by  Brent Dedeaux

Toward Darkness by Brent Dedeaux
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How far would you go to save the one who broke your heart?For Garrett Maines, the answer to that question will take him beyond the ends of the Earth.Three months ago, Lynette Collins broke his heart. Now, she lies in a coma, oppressed by a red shadow that drains her life with every passing night.To lift her curse, Garrett must step into the darkness and travel the night road across the borderlands of the worlds, braving the creatures of darkness that mark his every step.

In that dark place he finds a small group of survivors, dragged into a nightmare against their will. Now, he must guide them through the darkness to the Red Lands, where the cure for Lynette’s curse must lie.Five unholy knights stand against him, leading dark armies, armed with blood and death and madness.Will Garrett succeed, or will his lost love - and perhaps his entire world, fall under the curse of the Red Shadow? And what price will he pay for setting out on the night road and walking toward darkness?Find out in Toward Darkness, book one of the Red Lands series.

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